Sipp Culture

Powering self-determination and collective action

In a small Mississippi town where the population is decreasing each year, Mississippi Center for Cultural Production (“Sipp Culture”) is leaning into the area’s cultural and artistic history to uplift the community. Sipp Culture taps into its understanding of the community’s priorities and region’s legacy to bring people together and support community development from the ground up. From advancing health equity to supporting rural artistic voices that promote the vision of their region, the group is committed to helping residents build self-determination and agency.

As part of a recent local project, Sipp Culture united the community over a shared priority to address the loss of the local grocery store. Rather than recruit a national chain, the community explored why the former grocery store closed and set out to rebuild their local food system, which included a 2-acre community farm, a commercial kitchen, and community food club. Through local problem-solving efforts like these, Sipp Culture is building a unified community that understands the power of collective action.

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Photos courtesy of Sipp Culture