We believe in the power of local communities to shape America’s future


The future of our country depends on Americans believing change is possible and that their participation matters. We believe local communities are key to making that a reality by building deeper connections, increasing trust, and reimagining civic life.


By pooling funds from national and regional philanthropy and investing them in locally-led civic programming, we can support the people, places, and programs that bring Americans together to solve shared problems and move our democracy forward.


Founded on research, designed with community

The Trust for Civic Life was born out of findings from the American Academy of Arts and Sciences’ report, Our Common Purpose: Reinventing Democracy for the 21st Century. Through conversations with leaders and community members across the country, the report called for a reinvention of civic life as a necessary path to a stronger democracy.

The Trust was created in response to the report’s findings and designed in a continued partnership with rural community leaders and funders across the nation. The Trust is a key part of More Perfect’s third Democracy Goal to bridge divides across American communities.


Meet our team

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Our funding members


These partner organizations help shape strategy and identify core sectors.


These partner organizations participate in learning experiences with grantees and experts, gain access to data and research, and help identify successful models of civic programming to replicate in other communities.