Front Porch Forum

An online network that fosters in-person change

Front Porch Forum (FPF) is a mission-driven business that exists to help neighbors connect and build community. FPF hosts a network of free online local forums that serve every town and neighborhood in Vermont. Among Vermont’s 270,000 households, FPF has 235,000 active members. This tremendous reach, combined with the trust that FPF members have in the service, has made FPF essential civic infrastructure across its service area.

Each community’s forum is a professionally moderated daily exchange of ideas, help and questions. In addition, FPF’s local business directories connect neighbors with area businesses and nonprofits, while its community calendars give local events – yard sales, school board meetings, nonprofit fundraisers and more – community-wide reach. Used by a majority of adults in the state, this network of local forums, business directories and community calendars promotes local community resilience.

Learn more at frontporchforum.com.

Graphics courtesy of Front Porch Forum