Humboldt Area Foundation and Wild Rivers Community Foundation (HAF+WRCF)

A civic incubator centered around relationships

Humboldt Area Foundation and Wild Rivers Community Foundation (HAF+WRCF) demonstrate how community foundations can play the important role of “civic incubator” by initiating new civic programs and facilitating regional relationships. Through place-based work, HAF+WRCF support local residents as they work together to address economic development, racial equity, environmental resilience, and more.

Serving areas that encompass 18 Tribal Nations and historically Indigenous territories, the Redwood region is experiencing significant environmental impacts due to climate change and economic development. In response, civic programs incubated at HAF+WRCF are critical for the region’s future.

One of these programs is CORE Hub, which brings together a diverse network of local partners to shape the development of a new offshore wind industry in the region. The planned offshore wind installation has the potential to power more than a million homes, but poses the risk of stoking polarization and damaging the environment. CORE Hub engages Tribal Nations, local governments, educational institutions, labor leaders, local community-based organizations, and community residents to ensure that if the region hosts this new industry, it is implemented sustainably, and with widespread and equitable community benefits and protections.

Learn more at www.hafoundation.org.

Photos courtesy of HAF+WRCF