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Foundation for Appalachian Kentucky

Shifting control back into the hands of local leaders

The Foundation for Appalachian Kentucky is consistently shifting control back into the hands of local leaders. Since its founding in 2008, the foundation has pioneered decision-making models that allow communities to establish a shared vision, define priority activities, and guide philanthropic investment into tangible assets and increased capacity. 

In recent years, this model has proved to be effective in helping the community respond to natural disasters, particularly the 2022 East Kentucky Flood. The foundation has mobilized communities to raise local funds, rebuild towns, and address the impact of extreme weather by physically moving homes and businesses to safer locations.

The Foundation for Appalachian Kentucky meets communities where they are instead of telling them where they should be and the results of this approach are showing, from revitalized Main Streets to more confident leaders.

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Photos courtesy of Foundation for Appalachian Kentucky / Bottom right photo credit: Natosha