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Invest Appalachia

Empowering communities to imagine a new future

Invest Appalachia uses a blended capital approach and leverages a network of local partners to invest in historically marginalized communities within Central Appalachia.

Beyond just an investment platform, their methodology identifies, invests, and builds capacity for efforts that are creating economic opportunities and challenging communities to imagine a new future. Rather than supporting solar installation on farmland, the group is helping to put solar panels on churches, schools, and grocery stores. These projects bring congregations, residents, and community members together to have conversations about cost savings and revenue generation, climate resilience, and the future of their communities.

Through flexible investment products, technical assistance, and collaborative design, Invest Appalachia is unlocking community-led, investment-worthy projects that are building inclusive economies in places that have faced historical disinvestment.

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Photos courtesy of Invest Appalachia